JO's Six in Eight

The following is an excerpt from Para Vista Lutheran Cricket Club's newsletter "On The Spot" in December of 2012 when Jason O'Regan snared six wickets with eight deliveries for the Para Vista B-Grade versus Seaton Ramblers A, including a double hat-trick. Enjoy!


Jason O'Regan
has become the toast of Churches cricket and made headlines in media around Adelaide after leading Para Vista's B-Grade side with what can only be described as an unbelievable spell of bowling against Seaton last weekend.

With a team sheet and some substitutions that would favour bowling on the first day (and batting during the second), Captain Vines was anxious to win the toss, particularly after viewing a Seaton team sheet that favoured the very same choice for the Ramblers. Thankfully, the coin behaved as it should for Para Vista and Steve promptly opted to field, throwing the rock to O’Regan, and seamer Matt Wiles, playing only the first week of the match for the Goat Herders.

Wiles' selection in the B's paid immediate dividend as he steered his way through the Ramblers top-order, cleaning up the pegs of an opener who tried to slap one too many (and breaking one of them), before combining with his captain at slip and Tim Wilson the wicketkeeper to provide chances that were clinched to provide Wiles with two more breakthroughs and the tidy figures of 3/32 (including three maidens) from his 12 overs. Two of Wiles' wickets came in consecutive balls. Vines did the right thing and brought in the field for the third ball, and Wiles did the right thing by bowling it full and straight, but the hat-trick wasn't to be, the yorker safely negotiated.

From this point, Para Vista snagged a bit. O'Regan was bowling as tidily as Wiles with his first spell, but he was replaced after eight overs with Scott "Wookie" Brown. The hairy tank-top obsessed Brown bowled just as well as his forebear, only conceding a miserly 20 runs from his nine overs and providing a rare chance that wasn’t taken at second slip, but the Ramblers batsmen were shaping for a solid partnership for the fifth wicket.

That partnership was broken in unusual circumstances in the over before the tea-break, when Aaron Burgess, resolved to try and pitch a ball on the stumps after seeing his inswingers flicked off for too many runs behind square, slowed his bowling down and surprised the hapless Seaton opener, who played all around it and left his stumps lying on the ground. It was only one wicket, but the momentum had turned, and Jason O'Regan was ready to totally smash the backbone of the Seaton innings.

Thrown the ball straight after the break, O'Regan's first four balls were a sign of things to come: brutal. Havoc was not reaped until the fifth ball, which clattered into the stumps, and the sixth ball did exactly the same. Burgess bowled a maiden with the next six balls, and O'Regan came back on to bowl to another new batsman with the hat-trick delivery. Just like Vines did for Wiles, the entire Para Vista XI crowded around the bat as O'Regan steamed in. The delivery was the personification of evil. In it swung, nice and full, and then in cut and bounced sharply away, catching the shoulder of the bat and fizzing at throat height to Zac Edwards at silly point, who seemed to shoo the ball away like a pesky blowfly, but somehow came up the catch. The Para Vista boys were in raptures, hugging and high-fiving... could it get any better than this? One wouldn't think so...

...but the fourth ball, for an unprecedented double hat-trick, did exactly the same, and at all kinds of pace, swinging in, rearing up at the batsman, catching the shoulder of the bat and flying to a now well-rehearsed Edwards at point. The adrenalin levels of all present soared, as men from all parts of the oval threw themselves into a huddle, gleefully congratulating the bowler and the fielder.

The next ball was duly left alone by the new batsman, but the following was edged to Tim Wilson... five wickets in six balls, and two balls left in Jason's second over after tea. Another dot... and then, surprise surprise, another edge. Captain Vines dived and grasped it his two gnarled and weathered digits at first slip six wickets in eight balls and a feat that had never been seen before, nor will likely be seen again. At tea, Seaton sat comfortable with the score at 4/74. Four overs later, they where pulling their whites on, ready to field, bowled out for 82.


Pumped from Jason's exploits in the field, openers Anthony Donnon and Ron Rathjen (due to sub out for Aaron Timm in week two) were sent in to face the 24 overs left in the day and cruised into the sunset with the game.

In the return leg on Saturday, Timm continued Rathjen's innings with Donnon in tow and played like a man who wasn't keen to hang around. Timmsy struck three boundaries and an array of half-arsed lofted shots to before trying to pull a ball that hit three quarters of the way down the stumps, adding 18 to Rathjen's overnight score for a total of 45. When Timm departed, Vista were only a couple of runs short of first innings points, and those runs were easily got by Simon Wilson, relishing the opportunity to bat up the order in the B's, albeit with a crippling back injury. Wilson, obviously not keen to extend himself by running between wickets, swung the bat like Timm did (with a little more restraint) but smashed 28 of in 32 runs with seven boundaries.

Donnon was dismissed for 35 whilst Wilson went about his business, an innings that suggests the veteran is getting the hang of churches cricket, and Wilson was joined at the crease by Dylan Goedecke, also a second-week substitute. Their partnership was short-lived, Wilson bowled aiming for another big hit, but the damage was already done, Para Vista 3/133.


The clear lead and no intention to bowl again gave captain Vines the opportunity to play with his batting order, allowing some of Para Vista’s lesser lights with the bat to soak up some valuable time in the middle. Aaron Burgess was sent in at number five, and mostly held up an end whilst Dylan Goedecke smashed sixes up onto the rocks outside Grand North. When Dylan edged and was caught, Tim Wilson joined Burgess and they both batted smartly, waiting for bad balls to crunch. Burgess (12) would find two to hit, and Wilson (25) a few more, and their dismissals shortly before the tea break gave fill-in Dave "Fishguts" Fisher a shot at carving up some runs, and Zac Edwards the chance to also make his first few for Para Vista. Fisher showed much potential in his 13 not out, if he was nervous he didn't let on, and Edwards flicked a couple of runs before hitting one down the throat of short cover.

With Edwards out and no-one else keen to continue playing with ten Seaton players and one peanut, Vines pulled the stumps early, Para Vista notching up one of their biggest tallies of the season - 7/215, with all who batted making solid contributions... but the game belonged to Jason O'Regan and it is for this reason that it will be remembered well past our retirements from social Saturday afternoon cricket.


Text: Aaron Burgess (On The Spot, Volume 8, 2012-2013)
Photos courtesy Scott Brown and Mark Weinert
Newspaper excerpts taken from The Advertiser and Messenger Press.