Date of Event Para Vista Cricket Club: Thu Apr 15, 2021 7:58PM

The second of our season reviews features our B-grade, who played in the LO3 cometition. Finishing outside the finals with a 6 win and 11 loss record, the side found their fortunes fluctuating from week to week with a couple of heavy losses but some amazing wins mixed in. Many new faces made their Para Vista debuts during the season, and returning players also donned the whites to make up a squad that had fun while trying their very best.


Three batsmen made the 10 top run makers in the association, with 2 of those inside the top 5, and a couple of big centuries were made too. Ben Gardner won the association wicketkeeping trophy for LO3, and 22 different players took a wicket during the season. Here's what captain Brenton Starke had to say:


"Entering the season, we had high hopes to play finals cricket this year, but unfortunately it wasnt to be. We managed to beat the sides around us on the table, but were unable to threaten the top sides when we needed to. With many new players, it took time for the side to gel, and multiple changes every week meant that we could never really get into a groove.


Having said that, it was great to have so many fresh faces around the side injecting energy and enthusiasm, with returning players like Bert Kulafrone also eager to get involved. There was great improvement in individual skill and self belief, with Adrian Piotto almost snatching the LO3 batting in his first foray back into cricket in 17 years. Many others performed well, and every time a player was called up into the A's to play, they executed their role and did themselves proud.


Many laughs and highlights were had throughout the year. Ben's first ever century, Bert's first ever ball and subsequent wicket, brilliant catches by Suhas, Jamie, and Abhi, continual chatter and nicknames by Roger, and continuing development of young Lachie were amongst many things to make me smile. Everyone was always willing to pick each other up if down, and support each other to the hilt. And as usual, poor Phil getting struck in a 'sensitive' region always produced a mixture of laughter and concern!


While from a trophy standpoint we were unsuccessful this year, from an individual standpoint, the players should be proud of their performances/developments, and hopefully they come back hungrier to win and to work hard for each other."

Last updated: Thursday April 15, 2021 8:28PM
Author: Brenton Starke