Date of Event Para Vista Cricket Club: Tue May 4, 2021 6:54PM

Our final season review is of the 10 and Under side. Para Vista's first ever 10s side, these budding superstars showed plenty of promise, a great attitude, and a willingness to learn and work hard. With outstanding batting, bowling, and fielding performances every week, the young Double Blues won 5 games and had a blast while doing so.

Here's what Jeremy Wright had to say:

"This was a rookie season if ever there was one: first time fielding a 10-and-Unders team; first time running a team for our coaches; and first time playing competitive cricket for all but one player! What we lacked in experience, we made up for in enthusiasm, energy, and raw, unharnessed talent. Every match was a joy to behold.


After a few quick training sessions, the boys had barely got their heads around how to pad up. We were launched into our first match against Salisbury West Black (who would end up winning the league). Our players marched bravely out to bat. Pretty soon we were two players down, injured by bowling quicker than they’d ever faced. (What had we signed these kids up for?)


Despite being cleaned up in the first innings and then carted around the field in the second, the Tens showed something special right from the start: resilience and a rallying spirit. We took a few losses at the front end of the season. But no one was discouraged. Instead the bowling got tighter, the batting more deliberate, the fielding more synchronised, the coaching less clueless, and the friendships ever tighter. A win was on the cards, and despite the best efforts of weather and pandemic, it finally came as an early Christmas present. Everything clicked in a home game against Craigmore. It was a great effort on all fronts and played in good spirit.


We took a field trip mid-season to see the Strikers. This gelled the team together even more for the back end of the season. There were more wins to come, but that was always an afterthought for our players. It’s the thrill of taking the ball or picking up the bat or cheering each other on that drives them. They had fun, without fail, every game.


Manaas and Hugh finished the season as two of the finest bowlers in the league. And with the bulk of the team hanging around for next season, there’s no telling what they might achieve!"

Last updated: Tuesday May 4, 2021 7:24PM
Author: Brenton Starke