Season 2021/22 Captains
Date of Event Para Vista Cricket Club: Sat Oct 2, 2021 4:52PM

Introducing this years captains:
Ian was appointed as A-grade captain at the start of the 2018/19 season and wasted no time in helping the side achieve glory! Not only has captaincy brought out the best in Ian, but his calm demeanour and team first attitude has permeated through the side, with the A's winning the past 3 premierships in LO1. Ian and the A-grade side are aiming to continue on their winning ways by continuing to work hard and play for each other this coming season.


Para Vista appoint a new captain this year, a player who has shown leadership and the Para Vista values over the past couple of seasons. A new player to the Double Blues a few years ago, 'Jacko' played his first year with Para Vista in the B's before stepping up to the A's and being a part of the last two LO1 premierships. His appointment as captain of the B's for the 21/22 season continues his growth and provides him an opportunity to expand his leadership, bringing his own style to the B-grade


Brenton has been the club's B-grade captain for the past 5 seasons, building a team first, inclusive culture while developing individual players skills, often spreading the load so players could gain experience and feel involved. This has resulted in many players improving their games, with some moving up to our higher team and performing well. With the introduction of more senior teams, Brenton has moved to the C-grade captaincy this year to continue his work on player development, teamwork, culture, and growth, with success still firmly in his sights


Ben, often referred to as 'Eggs' by his clubmates, has spent the last few years acting as Vice Captain to Brenton in the B's, listening and learning about being a leader on and off the field. In the past couple of years, Ben has taken a bigger role off-field, and with the introduction of a D-grade this coming season, the time was right for Ben to take charge of his own team and develop himself and the others around him. Still a young man, Ben already has had some exposure with captaincy, and taking on a full time on field leadership role will only benefit him, his fellow players, and the club well into the future.

Last updated: Saturday October 2, 2021 5:22PM
Author: Brenton Starke